Programmer Copyright () Web-studio Novikov Design, 1998
As the leading programmer in this company I am responsible for all the technological aspects of site maintenance and support. The subject is pretty wide and complicated to depict it within one page. So I offer you only a brief summary or our general approach to technology in our work.

Key word here is REASONABILITY. Which means we do not pretend to use all the last technological advances on your site or employ as many programming tricks as we can just to show our abilities. To say more, this is quite opposite to what we do.

We always keep in mind that ANY additional cool applet or non-standard data format inevitably reduce the number of visitors who can see your site properly and expand its weight in kilobytes (i.e. download time). Even such "harmless" and usual technologies as frame structure of the pages can bring a lot of trouble to users and make site updating and support much more time- and money- consuming.

At the same time good design and efficient page structure help us avoid unnecessary additions and extensions, make site compact and compatible, reduce development time and project budget.

And finally: we can do almost everything. The sophisticated and hi-tech projects are even more interesting and challenging for us. We just do not advise our clients to use powerful technology when it's possible to solve the problem with standard means.
Sergei Chernishev