Welcome to Novikov Design web-studio. My name is Oksana Rechkina. I'm the Studio executive director.

As you may already noticed, our site consists of four main parts, each presenting the key person with his/her key subject. Actually, that is neither all of our stuff, nor personal presentations. Rather take it as our way to introduce main sections of the site which are usually called "About the Company", "Our Works", etc. (Little hint: you can always jump to any section just clicking on the colored "angles" around our logo.)

Our art-director Sergei Novikov speaks about our design concept and describes some of the sites we have made; lead programmer Sergei Chernishev deals with technological aspects of the process, and finally Helen, our secretary, explains how to reach us and will help you to find your way around the site.

As for my section, it covers everything else and obviously is the most interesting and informative. I can tell you about the studio, the services we offer and our approach to the web creation process.

Of course, the whole site is only a brief presentation, kind of our first on-line meeting with you. You are always welcome to write and call us to get any further information about the studio and its work.
Oksana Rechkina

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