Sergei Novikov

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What a strange name, one may say, "Novikov Design"! What, for God sake, is "Novikov"? That is my name. And we use it as a company name for two reasons: I am a graphic designer and the studio is a design studio first of all.

Of course, we make web-sites and take Internet as our main occupation. Have a look at our programmer's section to see that we know and use the cutting edge technology in our everyday work. But for me, web-design is only a segment of graphic design, which is my initial specialty. And professional, tailor-made design for Web is what we offer to our clients.

Just take a look at our creative concept and the sites we made to get the whole picture...

If you wonder about my professional background -- welcome to my personal online portfolio with a number of works I made during last ten years working as a graphpic designer: logos, printed items, type, etc. Unfortunately, I have almost quit this sphere now, being focused completely on WEB.
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