Sergei Novikov

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If you want to get our main creative principle in two words, here it is: "Tailor made".

That means that we have no ready solution for your corporate web-site. (Say, we are not a department store and offer no ready-made cloth for you).

Instead we will make a detailed research, imagine your audience, study your business and the content you have and try to work out an optimal structure and way to present you on the Web. Using our experience in web-construction, we will also help you to improve your materials, make it interactive and use it correctly. And, of course, we will adopt your corporate identity (which is a sacred thing for me as a graphic designer) to Internet technological demands.

Frankly, our turnover is not huge. We make approximately one site a month. But each time we try to make it a masterpiece. To place it proudly in our web-portfolio and use further as a reference. I suppose we may do it: it is a real TAILOR MADE site.
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